Monday, 27 June 2016

A healthy after school snack

My fifteen-year old daughter and her friend came home from school really hungry today. Of course, the first thing they reached for was a sweet treat. I quickly offered them an alternative (well, I know the cookies would travel to the room with them anyway). I sliced some rye sourdough, mashed up an avocado on it, sprinkled it with a little bit of granulated garlic, sea salt, pepper and topped it up with some alfalfa sprouts and a tomato slice.......

Sweet melon and a couple of strawberries nicely complimented the toast.
They really enjoyed it.

Even little Sparkle was interested.....

It is often very hard to offer interesting, yet nutritious food to teenagers. If you want to convince them to snack on something like this then you need to keep presentation in mind. Colors on this toast compliment each other. I believe that a nice colorful plate stimulates our taste buds, making food really appetizing, and it can be energizing for the brain.

Nutritional facts:

Rye sourdough - I bought mine from my local farmers market; it was baked by and it is incredibly tasty. Sourdough bread is full of nutrients and vitamins, such as B vitamins. It contains good bacteria and  it aids our digestion.

Avocado - Avocados are incredibly nutritious as they contain many vitamins and other nutrients, such as folate, vitamin E and C. They are one of the best foods we can eat for getting the glow.

Alfalfa - Just like avocados, we always have alfalfa sprouts in the house. I buy mine from different health food stores or order them from The company that manufactures them is Alfalfa sprouts contain folate, just like the sourdough and avocado. They are also a good source of vitamin K and C. 

This snack is so easy to put together and it offers a great amount of nutrients. I think that teenage girls would especially benefit from a simple snack like this - keep their hormones balanced, brain activated and skin glowing.



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